Commit is a simple app that helps you form habits to learn or practice something every day.

Learning to Draw

I want to improve my drawing skills. The best way to do that isn't to spend an hour drawing every couple of weeks.

Instead I need to make sure to do be consistent with drawing every day. Even if I only practice for 10 minutes. To help me do this Commit keeps track of every day that I draw and reminds me on the days I forget. It also keeps track of days in a row so that I build up "chains" of days (i.e. you've drawn 32 days in a row).

Keeping Your Commitments

So if you have been consistent for many days, but don't feel like doing it today, not breaking the chain is a good incentive to maintain your habit.

So the more consistent you are, the less likely you become to break your chain.

Are you going to draw today?


Don't Break the Chain

Few people exercise consistently. Not because we don’t know how, but instead because we aren’t motivated to do it consistently.

Commit tracks how many days in a row you do each commitment. As you build up 10, 20, 50 days in a row your motivation to get out of bed and exercise comes from not wanting that count to reset to 0. If you’ve already made a chain of 30 days, how hard could it be to add one more?

That’s Commit. I hope you like it.